Innovative Medicine Option

Working Groups

The following working groups have been established by the alliance’s board of directors:


  • This working group will focus on the technical/technological issues associated with an integrated telehealth network and associated broadband connection requirements.
    • Develop the parameters and components of a network analysis RFP.
    • Continue examination of capabilities (or lack thereof) of existing telehealth systems and networks

Telehealth Applications/Inventory

  • This working group will focus on developing and sharing an inventory of telehealth systems and applications – both in-state and elsewhere.
    • Develop an inventory of available telehealth applications and services.
    • Identify key applications that could be more broadly used.
    • Examine related public health issues to identify needs/deficiencies that can be resolved/mitigated via telehealth.
    • Develop ways to get input on what telehealth services are needed.


  • This working group will focus on analyzing issues associated with the utilization of telehealth systems and applications, as well as connecting with physicians and health care centers regarding ROI/reimbursement factors.
    • Outline key issues and barriers that are hindering or hurting utilization of telehealth applications and systems among core user groups: physicians, health care centers, nurses, etc.
    • Research ROI issues and develop possible remedies.
    • Research and identify state laws and rules that may be impeding or hampering telehealth adoption or use.


  • This working group will focus on how telehealth is being used and can be used to provide health education and health care training via distance learning and telehealth systems.  This group also will focus on I2 aspects.
    • Identify existing training and learning opportunities that can be incorporated and used as part of a statewide, integrated telehealth system.
    • Develop an Internet2 plan for West Virginia’s major health institutions.


  • This working group will focus on developing a communications/marketing program to help educate and promote the use of telehealth applications, as well as develop the components of a telehealth web portal.
    • Develop an outline and components of a telehealth web portal.
    • Develop a marcom plan among telehealth stakeholders and users.

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