Innovative Medicine Option

Broadband Projects

The West Virginia Telehealth Alliance is a participant in the FCC’s Rural Health Care Pilot Program.  As a result, the WVTA will be involved in leading a number of broadband connectivity and health network projects in West Virginia.  Here are highlights of these:

MPLS Backbone

– Provide eligible health care centers with enhanced connectivity from among telecommunications providers operating in the state that are utilizing the MPLS protocol

– Negate the need for health care facilities to change and build out entirely new circuits depending on the winning telco service provider

– Facilitate connection to Internet2

Dedicated Broadband Health Care Networks

– Improve broadband connectivity to enable telehealth services and connections

– Improve diagnostic capabilities and treatment options

– Ensure the appropriate level of advanced broadband connectivity to facilitate greater telehealth use and applications, as well as foster tele-training and educational opportunities

– Facilitate dedicated virtual private networks to ensure security, reliability and connectivity

– Interconnect these networks into a seamless, interoperable statewide dedicated broadband health care network not only for telehealth, but also for future needs such as advanced electronic medical record transmission and use

–  Lay the foundation needed for advanced electronic medical record transmission and sharing

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